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    The Optiforme

    Reserved Accesses. Functional Exercise Studio. 10 People an Hour. Guaranteed Motivation.

Taking the time.

About us

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A Small Gym that Thinks Big

Thanks to its qualified team, our organization offers an extensive expertise from many levels including physical exercise itself, rehabilitation, nutrition, sports specific training, recovery and even exercise and sports psychology. At Optiforme's, you can count on kinesiologists and experienced specialists to assist and support you.

Physical activity, customer contact and the challenge to adapt our services for any needs reflect why our passion is always growing. We serve above all the human being, with his history and limits, which drives us every day to develop his full potential.

Success Through Monitoring

Fix your Goals

Weight loss, conditioning, lifestyle and food habits, posture, pain, recovery, sporting event, practice of a physical hobby, etc.

Integrate our Services

Physical evaluation, choice of package (private training, private combo subscription, supervised subscription), optimal training method, adapted nutritional follow-up.

Focus on Team Work

With your will and our expertise, we will maximize your motivation by offering you the best service for concrete and lasting results.


  • Client-Coach Trust Relationship
  • Varied and Motivating Training
  • Customized Treatment
  • Exceeding Oneself and Results
Health before all.

Our packages

Private and Semi-private Training

Private and
Semi-private Training (1)

Surpass yourself in good hands. Your coach takes care of everything, even your stretching. The closest, most varied and motivating follow-up. Private for 1, semi-private for 2.

Starting at 500$ / month
Private Combo Subscription

Private Combo
Subscription (2)

Conjugate intensive follow-up and freedom. 1 to 2 private session(s) a week plus other extra access with your own training program (subscription).

Starting at 300$ / month
Supervised Program Subscription

Supervised Program Subscription (3)

Develop a well planned autonomy. Includes tailor made programs renewed every 5 to 6 week with demonstration and supervision.

Starting at 150$ / month

All of our packages require a commitment of 3 to 6 months.

All private training services (1) and (2) include the complete physical evaluation which costs 75$ à la carte.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Private Training vs. Supervised Subscription?

Private: 1 client with his coach. Semi-private: 2 clients with their coach. Supervised subscription: freer access, no appointment required by the client who will follow his own training program that will be demonstrated and explained to him, in addition to profiting of a constant supervision.

What is the Physical Evaluation?

Mandatory after registration. Health (history) and lifestyle (food intake and stress) questionnaires, anthropometric measurements (body fat, circumferences, weight and height), photos (posture analysis) and physical tests adapted to the level and limitations of the client. 60 minutes at a price of 75$. Included in packages (1) and (2).

What are your Opening Hours?

Monday to Friday:
5am to 11am | 1pm to 8pm

Saturday: 7am to 2pm
Sunday: 8am to 12pm

Visits and consultations by appointment only.

Do you offer a Nutrition Follow-up?

Yes, during the initial physical evaluation, the client is required to fill out a health and lifestyle questionnaire. Then the follow-up begins with an optimal macronutrient calculation for his food intake. Subsequent interventions will depend of the clients investment level (snack and meal suggestions for example).
Your needs for weight management, conditioning, posture, nutrition, motivation, a pain free lifestyle: all taken care of

Our studio

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Functional and Motivating

  • 2000 square feet workspace
  • 12 users maximum capacity
  • Brand new and top equipement
  • For all types of training and needs
  • Constant supervision and safety
Moving forward one step at the time.

Our team

David Primeau

Owner and Founder
Personal Trainer

Dedicated and intense

15 years of experience. Mission: to provide the most suitable, motivating and safe workout that is. Passionate about cases of injury, inactive people transformations and high performance training. Loves his work and his company. His philosophy: little things always take care of the big things.

Favorite activities: athletics, weightlifting, football

Mathieu Simard

Personal Trainer

Meticulous and attentive

Vision: optimize health and performance. Purpose: to help clients achieve their goals by pushing their limits through a healthy and efficient routine. Priority: stay abreast of new trends to deliver a superior and personalized service. Believes in the importance of educating his clients as a kinesiologist and in continuous learning to vary his methods. Has been working at Optiforme's for nearly 10 years.

Favorite activities: running, fitness, football

Fabryce Eugène-Ménard

Assistant Coach
Personal Trainer

Assiduous and motivating

Sports buff since my childhood, physical activity has always been part of my life. Determination and perseverance have always led me to surpass myself. Hockey, soccer, football and judo are sports I have practiced for a long time. As a former college football player and now a physical education student, I know what it takes to reach the next level and I want to guide our clients in that direction.

Favorite activities: weight lifting, bodybuilding, football

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7151 Beaubien East
(near Galeries d'Anjou)
Anjou (QC) - H1M 2Y2


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Open hours
Monday to Friday:
5am - 11am | 1pm - 8pm
Saturday: 7am - 2pm
Sunday: 8am - 12pm

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